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Introduction of Pilot Communities in China

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Part 1: Communities Overview in China

Part 2: Communities in Zhejiang Province 

  (1) Rural Community—Tukou Community       

       a. Hazard:  Typhon, Drought, Mud flow
       b. Community details:

  •  Area:4.1 Square Kilometers

  •  Population:a total of 2230 people, 846 households, in which elder people over the age of 60 account for 28% of the overall population; a typical aging community

  •  Climate:Northern subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, significant monsoon, four distinct seasons, high wind all year round

  •  Industry structure:mainly dominated by agriculture, while planting and aquaculture industries are simultaneously developed.

  •  Disaster Management Activities


  (2) Urban Community—Dagan Community 
        a. Hazard: Typhon, Heavy rain, Debris flow, flood 
        b. Community details: 

  •  Area:0.8 Square Kilometers

  •  Population:about 1583 households and 9742 people,including 3584 household-registered residents and 6158 floating population

  •  Climate:Northern subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, significant monsoon, four distinct seasons, high wind all year round

  •  Industry structure:mainly dominated by agriculture, while planting and aquaculture industries are simultaneously developed

  •  Disaster Management Activities

Part 3: Communities in Guangxi Autonomous Region

  (1)Rural Community—Qiaonan Community 
          a.  Hazard: Typhoon 
          b.   Community details: 

  •  Area:0.4  Square Kilometers.

  •  Population:1200 households, 5800 people,  in which the returned overseas Chinese and relatives account for more than 95%. 

  •  Honor Titles for DRR:

              ① National Harmonious Construction Demonstrative Community 
              ② National Comprehensive Disaster Reduction Demonstration Community 
              ③ Demonstrative Community of the Construction of National Women's Federation 
              ④ National Star Community of Overseas Chinese Affairs

   (2) Urban Community—Dushugendong  Community
            a.   Hazard: Typhoon
            b.  Community details:

  •  Area:2 Square Kilometers.

  •  Population:3375 households with 11137 people. 

  •  Honor Titles for DRR:

                  ① National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization 
                  ② National Special Olympics Activity Demonstrative Community 
                  ③ National advanced Culture Community 
                  ④ National Level Community Sports& Fitness Club 
                  ⑤ National Harmonious Construction Demonstrative Community  
                  ⑥ National Social Security System "Quality Service Window" from 2008 to 2010 
                  ⑦ National Advanced Team of Caring for the Next-generation 
                  ⑧ National Advanced Grassroots Women's Organization 
                  ⑨ National Demonstrative Community of Science and Technology,etc.  

Part 4:  Communities in Yunnan Province 
  (1) Rural Community—Mengpie Community 
            a.   Hazard: Earthquake 
            b.   Community details: 

  •  Population:104 households, 462 people, the village composed of three villager groups of upper, middle and lower Menpie, which is a pure natural village with Lisu people.

  •  Industry structure: paddy planting, amomum tsao-ko planting, cattle breeding.

  •  Disaster Management Activities

  (2)  Rural Community—Zhugeying Community 
           a.  Hazard: Earthquake 
           b.  Community details: 

  • Area:1.04 Square Kilometers.

  • Population:302people、101 households,in which Yi nationality accounts for 75%.

  • Industry structure:tourism, forestry and fruit, fish breeding and poultry raising, crop farming.

  • Historical disaster: In the “8•30” earthquake of 2008, Fangshan Zhugeying village, only 10 kilometers away from the epicenter, was one of the most affected villages in Yongren county. In the earthquake, 3 people were injured and over 90% of houses were severely damaged, including 464 collapsed houses and 163 severely damaged houses.

  • Disaster Management Activities

Part 5: Communities in Sichuan Province

    (1) Urban Community—Xingshengshijia Community 
                    a.  Hazard: Earthquake 
                    b.  Community details: 

  • Area:0.48 Square Kilometers

  • Population: Community was separated as 5 parts, which include 6045 households, about 23000 people totally. 1471 of total households with 5976 people are resettled, and rest of them are tenants.

  • Landscape:Basin

  • Major disaster:5·12 Wenchuan Earthquake

  • Disaster Management Activities

   (2)Rural Community—Luchi Community 
             a.  Hazard: Earthquake 
             b.  Community details: 

  • Area:3.28 Square Kilometers

  • Population:256 households、702 people

  • Landscape:Mountain

  • Histroical  disaster:5·12 Wenchuan Earthquake

    (3)Rural Community—Piba Community 
                a.  Hazard: Earthquake 
                b.  Community details: 

  • Area:5.8 Square Kilometers

  • Population:572 Households、1562 people,468 of total population working outside most time of the year

  • Landscape:Mountain

  • Industry structure:dominated by planting and breeding industries and supplemented by fruits and vegetables

  • Historical Disaster: In the“4•20”Lushan earthquake, more than 400 houses were damaged in the village, including 40 severely damaged houses, and about 700 people were affected. The village was one of the severely afflicted towns in the "4.20" Lushan Earthquake in Chengdu