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Introduction of Output 1

from: time: 2017-02-10 00:00

Output 1: Relevant learning about disaster management practices between China, UK and developing countries in Asia shared to strengthen national resilience through policy/institutional support for national disaster risk management and response planning.

In recognition of the increasingly significant impacts of natural disasters and enormous capacity, as well as experience of China and other partner countries to respond to disasters, the Programme is seeking to build new relationships among UK, China, and other developing countries in Asia, in particular Bangladesh and Nepal. Along the lines of their national DRR strategies and policies, the Programme aims to further strengthen the critical partnership among key government agencies of the countries by identifying/formalizing the focal point of each country, meanwhile opening up more opportunities for high-level dialogues and communications among the leadership, and facilitate in-depth policy studies and discussions to address key national/ international priorities and policies concerns towards actions for change. 

The Programme will support policy dialogues and exchange visits among high-level government officials of the UK, China, Bangladesh and Nepal on an annual basis. Topics of the discussion will be jointly decided based on consultations in advance. Meanwhile, professional exchange/capacity development activities will be organized to boost national/local disaster management capacities in selected thematic areas, and policy studies/advisory notes on key CBDM issues will be developed and disseminated. 

Output 1 Indicative Activities: 

 Strengthen programme implementation structures, identify country focal points and technical advisory groups on CBDM learning and sharing.

Facilitate policy dialogues and high-level exchange activities among the UK, China, Bangladesh and Nepal to address key national/ international disaster management priorities and policies concerns.    

Organize thematic professional exchange/capacity development activities to boost national disaster management capacities in selective areas.

Develop and disseminate policy studies/advisory notes on key CBDM topics of concern such as disaster preparedness capacity building, pre-and post-disaster risk assessment, DRR-integrated post-disaster recovery and building back better, social economic analysis of disasters etc.

Based on the Theory of Change for Phase II, these activities are expected to result in a number of observable changes, that could include:

Strengthened early warning systems in pilot countries;

Generation of learning that positively contributes to regional dialogues related  to community-based disaster risk reduction;

Some systems and approaches developed during the programme to facilitate collaborative research are likely to continue after the end of Phase II.