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The High-level Forum on Mega Disaster Response Capacity Building Held in Shanxi

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  On 25th October, 2016, the High-level Forum on Mega Disaster Response Capacity Building under the working framework of “Community Based Disaster Management in Asia Project (CBDM Asia) Phase II”, co-hosted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China(MCA) and Department for International Development, United Kingdom (DFID), and organized by National Disaster Reduction Center of China(NDRCC) of Ministry of Civil Affairs, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Civil Affairs Department of Shanxi Province, was held in Xi’an, Shanxi.

   Around 57 representatives and experts from disaster management departments, communities, scientific research institutions in China, UK, Bangladesh and Nepal and from UNDP and other international organizations, participated in the forum.

  Pang Chenmin, Director General of Disaster Relief Department,  Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) and National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC), Dong Yaming, Director of Office of Shaanxi Disaster Reduction Commission, Wang Guolong, Deputy Director General of Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, Jim Carpy, Head of DFID China, M. Khalid Mahmood, Joint Secretary and Director (Planning and Development), Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Government of Bangladesh, Krishna Bahadur Raut, Joint Secretary, Division Chief of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal and Mr. Patrick Haverman, Deputy Country Director, UDNP China attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Yang Siquan, Chief Engineer of the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, hosted the opening ceremony.

   Community Based Disaster Management in Asia Phase II aims to promote the disaster prevention, reduction and relief capacity of communities. Through enhancing regional cooperation on community disaster reduction, we can strengthen disaster response capacities of Asian developing countries and explore new mechanisms and models for international exchanges and cooperation on community-level disaster reduction and relief.

   Through expert report, session discussion, field visit and other ways, this forum discussed on five sessions, namely, “Mega Disaster Emergency Response Preparedness”, “Mega Disaster Emergency Response and Relief”, “Technical Support for Decision-making in Mega Disasters”, “Practices of International  Humanitarian Assistance” and “Strategic Cooperation of International Humanitarian Relief Response to Mega Disasters”.

   Experts actively shared experiences and practices of mega disasters’ risks prevention and emergency response, deeply discussed challenges and opportunities of coordination in mega disasters response. Experts presented suggestions on building the dialogue mechanism among governments and the exchange platform for experts. This forum further promoted the practical cooperation on disaster management capacity building and regional disaster prevention and reduction cooperation among countries.

E-book of High-level Forum on Mega Disaster Response Capacity Building Oct 25-26, 2016

       Session Reports (PPT) Link:  Session 1 Reports.zip//  Session 2 Reports.zip// Session 3 Reports .zip//  Session 4 Reports.zip

       Photos Link:  Photos .zip